N.N. ami0201 at rs1.rrz.Uni-Koeln.DE
Mon Oct 25 19:04:00 UTC 1993

During my occupation with several osik.saa-s I met with the expression
"kar.namuula". It is defined as the "place" of the svarita, whereas
udaatta and anudaata are associated with muurdhan and h.rdaya.
"kar.namuula" is often rendered as "root of the ears" (A.Weber etc.).
Analogic to the botanic sphere, the expression thus may denote the
part of the ear, which can't be seen from outside, thus: "the inner
part of the ear".
Explaining Raghuva.mosa 12.2, Mallinaatha takes "kar.namuulam aagatya"
as "kar.nopaka.n.tham aagatya", which may be rendered as "after coming
(very ?) near to the ear". Since the following action is speaking ("aaha"),
I'm inclined to translate the whole with "to whisper into the ear".
As my approach is based on next to nothing - is there anyone with
any idea concerning "kar.namuula" ?

Ralf Stautzebach


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