Pali Tipitaka on CD-ROM

Mon Oct 25 09:51:00 UTC 1993

>From K.R. Norman, President of the Pali Text Society


You may have received a communication from Professor Witzel of Harvard
informing you that the Dhammakaya Foundation has completed the input of the
whole of the Pali Tipitaka on CD-ROM, and will be distributing it free.

Please take note that the material which the Foundation proposes to distribute
in this way is the property of the Pali Text Society, of which I am President.
The Foundation has no right to copy the material on CD-ROM and distribute it in
that or any other way. We have been negotiating with the Foundation for some
time with a view to possible copying and distribution, but the negotiations
have not been completed, and any copying, distribution and use are therefore in
breach of our rights.

Please also take note that we reserve the right to take legal action to enforce
our rights in this important material against those who disregard them.

The Pali Text Society is a non-profitmaking organisation established for many
years and dedicated to the advancement of the study of Pali texts and the Pali
language. The material which the Dhammakaya Foundation has put on CD-ROM
represents many years of work and original research by this Society's scholars.
Any legal proceedings which we institute will be necessary to enable us to
carry out the purposes for which this organisation was founded. The pursuance
of academic studies everywhere becomes impossible if the rights of others are
abused as is happening in this case.

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