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Thu Oct 21 13:15:18 UTC 1993

In message Tue, 19 Oct 93 23:34:17 BST,
  chevilla at linguist.jussieu.fr (Jean-Luc Chevillard)  writes:

> ... could you make your version of UNZIP.EXE (pkunzip, pcunzip or
> whatever) available in the same directory?
> When I try to unzip the file with mine
> I get an "unknown compression method" message.

This is because your copy of unzip is probably out of date.  There are two
programs you can use: pkunzip.exe and unzip.exe.  The former is a
commercial/shareware program, the latter is free.  Both these programs are
*very* widely available on all bulletin boards, from all computer clubs,
mail-order software houses, software archives, etc., etc.

I believe it is beyond the scope of INDOLOGY to distribute the program (with
the attendant issue of keeping up to date, including documentation, and so
forth).  This task is already done by so many other sites, it would be
pointless for us (me) to do it too.

For one place to try, have a go at ftp-ing from src.doc.ic.ac.uk in a
directory called something like /pub/packages/simtel20/msdos/archivers or
.../pkzip or .../zip (or something).  Or try micros.hensa.ac.uk.  (Both
sites support gopher.)  Or wsmr-Simtel20.army.mil.  

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