ucgadkw at ucl.ac.uk ucgadkw at ucl.ac.uk
Wed Oct 20 21:23:38 UTC 1993

On Oct 20,  9:21pm, Madhav Deshpande wrote:
>         Does anyone know of a Sanskrit grammatical text which begins with
> this formula?  The Kaatantra begins with "siddho varNasamaamnaayah".  But
> where does "om namah siddham" come from?

My immediate thought is that there may be a reference here to the 
name of the old calligraphic alphabet of the circa. 10th century, 
siddhamaat.rkaa.  Even if this is the case, it doesn't explain much.
In common with the names of most scripts in India, "siddhamaat.rkaa"
is somewhat mysterious.



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