Tantrakhyayika text: Lars Martin Fosse

Dominik Wujastyk D.Wujastyk at ucl.ac.uk
Tue Oct 19 18:29:07 UTC 1993

Lars Martin Fosse has kindly made available to all INDOLOGY members the
machine-readable text of the first two ooks of the Tantraakhyaayikaa.

The files are available by anonymous ftp from
the internet site    ftp.bcc.ac.uk
in the directory:    /pub/users/ucgadkw/indology
as files             tantrakhyayika.readme
and                  tantrakhyayika.zip

Please let me know if you would like me to make the files available via the
INDOLOGY listserv fileserver.  (I.e., if you can only get files as email,
not by interactive ftp.)

Many thanks indeed to Lars for sharing his work in this way, for the common

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Subject: Re: Tantrakhyayika

Thanks for the texts!

And thanks also to Lars Martin Fosse!

But could you make your version of UNZIP.EXE (pkunzip, pcunzip or whatever)
available in the same directory?

When I try to unzip the file with mine
I get an "unknown compression method" message.

Thanks for everything.
More details next time I speak on this forum.

-Jean-Luc Chevillard
- CNRS -- Universite Paris 7
- URA 381 ("Histoire des theories linguistiques")
- case 7034
- 2, place Jussieu
- F-75251 Paris Cedex 05
- France

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