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> Does anyone have news of work being done on the Nidhipradipa which,
> according to the Novissimus Catalogus Catalogorum, seems to be a
> condensation of the Ni- dhipradipika, part of the Kakshaputa(or
> ti)/Kacchaputa/Kaksyaputa/-tantra?

The manuscripts of the Kaksaputa by Nagarjuna Siddha that I have examined
have a chapter (pa.tala) called Nidhigrahana (chapter 16 of 20), devoted to
finding treasure.

The Wellcome Institute has the following MSS of the Kaksaputa:
alpha 899 (pa.talas 1--10, part of 11)
alpha 900 (1-11, 11a, 16--20)
beta 363  (1--20)
delta 8   (1-20)

There is a printed edition, 3rd edition Calcutta 1915, ed. by Asubodha
Vidyabhusana Bhattacarya and Nityabodha Vidyaratna Bhattacarya.

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