IXth Sanskrit Conference

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Mon Oct 4 10:00:09 UTC 1993

Members might like to note that the correct dates for the
IXth World Sanskrit Conference are 9th - 15th January 1994,
not 10-16 as previously announced. (Four years ago our
astrologers had not quite divined the constellation of the
days and dates, and we missed by one numeral for the days 
which remain the same; anyway, 9 and 15 are not inauspicious

A THIRD circular has been sent out to those who have pre-
registered with the Secretariat. If you have not received 
this circular and should wish to see a copy please let me know.
Late enrolments may be accepted if we can work it in fast.

Purushottama Bilimoria (Melbourne, Australia)

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Subject: A. K. Ramanujan Memorial Service

A service in remembrance of A.K. Ramanujan, 1929-1993, the William H.
Colvin Professor, Department of South Asian Languages and Civilizations,
Committee on Social Thought, and Department of Linguistics, The University
of Chicago, will be held at 4 p.m. Thursday, November 4, 1993 at
Rockefeller Memorial Chapel, 5850 South Woodlawn Avenue, Chicago, Illinois.
The service will be followed by a reception at the Quadrangle Club,
University and 57th Streets.


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