Which ISCII actual use?

Fri Oct 1 14:00:54 UTC 1993

Lloyd Anderson of Ecological Linguistics asked me to forward this
to the INDOLOGY list.
Date: 01 Oct 93 01:21 GMT
From: ECOLING at AppleLink.Apple.COM (Ecological Linguistics,Anderson,PRT)
Ecological Linguistics will release later this fall 8-bit script
systems for most of the Indic scripts on Macintosh, based either on the
ISCII-88 or the ISCII-91 standard.  We would like to use the code page
which will yield greatest compatibility with existing implementations,
whether on DOS or Mactintosh.  The ISCII-88 standard was used in the
16-bit Unicode and ISO10646, while the ISCII-91 standard is more recent
official India.  What is actual de facto dominant in India?  Anyone
replying, please specify the domains of different dominance.
Thanks for any help.
Lloyd Anderson
Michael Everson
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