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> I'm looking for sanskrit text editors, and electronic dictionaries
> and texts in sanskrit. There exists something of the sort?

I use TeX and there are nice Devanagari, Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam fonts
available (as well as Arabic, Greek, Cyrllic, Thai, Japanese, and several
others).  But while I swear by TeX, it isn't everyone's cup of tea and
there are now several other ways of doing Sanskrit: write to

  Lingua Language Services,
  63b Woodhead Road
  Huddersfield HD7 1PR
  Tel: +44 484 68 63 96
  FAX: +44 484 68 73 20

for a nice catalogue of Indic software in various formats for various

Post your query to INDOLOGY for more information from others.  Several
INDOLOGY members have created their own fonts and related systems for Indic
language work, and would probably be glad to help.

For texts, have a look at the directory pub/users/ucgadkw/indology at the
Internet site ftp.bcc.ac.uk for some machine-readable Sanskrit texts.
Again, if you have a specific text in mind, ask INDOLOGY.  There are many
Sanskrit texts in machine-readable form which people might be prepared to
share on a one-to-one basis with caveats about imperfection, which they
would not want to post to a public archive.

The only electronic dictionary of Sanskrit I know is the one which is a
possible product of the work being done by Prof. P. Schreiner in Zurich
<pesch at indoger.unizh.ch>.

Best wishes,

PS I'm copying this note to INDOLOGY members since they might be interested
in the Lingua Language Services address above.
ALERT:  I shall be away in Madras from 12th - 20th November 1993,
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