Book Review:"Negationism in India"-Part 1

Sun Nov 21 17:18:53 UTC 1993

Since the issue has been raised....

For those of you who will be in New York City from 
December 4 to December 6, we have a number of events where
communal violence and hatred will be opposed:

[I] December 4, 1993 (10 am - 6 pm)
AIPSG Conference: One Year After Ayodhya - PERSPECTIVES ON DEMOCRATIC
A number of South Asian activists and academics will be speaking.
Venue: 501 Schmerhorn, Columbia University

(Sponsored by the Association of Indian Progressive Study Groups)

[II] December 5, 1993
2 PM: Opening of exhibition, "Hum Sab Ayodhya" (We are all Ayodhya)
by SAHMAT ( Safdar Hashmir Memorial Trust) accompanied by readings
by prominent Indian authors like Amitav Ghosh, Shashi Tharoor, etc.
6 PM: Concert to Celebrate Unity of People against Communal Violence
featuring the renowned vocalist, Smt. Lakshmi Shankar, as well as
danseuses Indrani Rahman and Ritha Devi. 
Tickets: $10 (adults); $6 (students)
Venue for both: Altschul Auditorium, Columbia University

[III] December 6, 1993
12-3 PM: Demonstration outside Indian Consulate, 5th ave & 64th St.
To demand that all those responsible for inciting and organising
communal violence be tried and punished and that the rule of law
not be subverted.

4 PM: Panel discussion on controversy generated by Artists
against Communalism exhibit of Sahmat, featuring Ram Rahman, etc.
Venue: Dag Hammarskjod Lounge, Columbia University, International
 Affairs Building [sponsored by Southern Asian Institute]

So there you have it!
For more information, send e-mail to siddharthv at
or phone Siddharth at (212) 749-5719

P.S. - I am not in favour of filtering out the communal stuff. They
should, however, be rebutted. 

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