Spalding Visiting Fellowship

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Applications are invited for the above Fellowship. Applicants should have
had several years of research experience and hold a teaching or research
position in an academic institution. Applicants are requested to submit a
brief outline of the research they wish to carry out during the tenure of
the Fellowship.

The Spalding Fellow in Indian Religion will hold a Visiting Fellowship at
Wolfson College. The Spalding Trust will make available an amount up to
3,674 pounds (subject to possible upward revision) to cover expenses of the
Fellow in Oxford. The exact sum is at the discretion of the Spalding
Trustees in the light of the personal circumstances of the Fellow and the
date of taking up the Fellowship. The sum available will defray (in whole or
in part) the cost of board and lodging, and other College dues. It is not
possible to pay travel expenses. The College expects to be able to provide
College accommodation for the Fellow (and, where relevant, a spouse and/or
family) provided that application is made immediately after the election to
the Fellowship.

It is expected that the funds available will enable the Fellow to spend two
terms in Oxford, a total (with intervening vacation) of about 22 weeks. The
Fellow will be permitted to continue as a Fellow at his or her own expense
after the money provided by the Spalding Trust has been used up, provided
that the total length of the Fellowship shall not exceed one academic year.
The Fellowship may be awarded for a shorter period than two terms (in which
case the sum available would be reduced proportionately) provided that the
Fellow undertakes to spend at least one full University term in Oxford.
The closing date for applications, which should be addressed to the
President, Wolfson College, Oxford OX2 6UD, UK, is 31 JANUARY 1994.

Candidates should write themselves to their referees asking them to send
references to the President without further request, to be received by 31
January 1994.

Notice submitted by Julia Leslie
 Julia Leslie (ijl)        SOAS, University of London: +44 71 323 6296

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