PostScript and Outline Bengali fonts for PCs and other platforms.

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Subject: PostScript and Outline Bengali fonts for PCs and other platforms.
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Dear Netter/Font User:

	This is to inform that Outline (Scale able) and PostScript Bengali 
	Fonts for IBM PCs and clones and for other platforms are available now.
  	These fonts (called SonarGaonLilly), are generated by modifying the 
	SonarGaon fonts, however, these are totally different from the
	original SonarGaon (bitmapped) fonts.  Some of the features are:

	1. WYSIWYG: These fonts are true wysiwyg (what you see is what you 
	   get) fonts. That is hoshshukar, dirghukar etc. would be placed in 
	   their actual positions.

	2. Format available:  TrueType (for Windows 3.1), PostScript Type 1 
	   (for windows 3.0 and 3.1), Encapsulated PostScript (ESP), UNIX 
	   (Solaris running Open Windows), 
	   NEXT and Mac.

	3. Point Sizes: Under MS Windows these fonts are scale able from 
	   4 point to 127 point inclusive. Fractional sizes such as 10.5 etc. 
	   are also possible.  Some wordprocessors such as Ami Pro, or 
	   WordPerfect for windows, can stretch the size upto 1000 point.

	4. Type faces: Bold, italic, condensed, expanded, redlining, strike-
	   through etc. options are readily applicable as allowed by the 

	5. Keyboard: Two keyboard layouts are available at present: 

	   i)  MCK layout, following the original Bengali keyboard designed by 
	       Professor Munir Choudhuri, and 

	   ii) Linguist Layout, where phonetically similar letters are 
	       assigned to the same ASCII code for convenience of multilingual 
	       composition.  However, besides these two layouts, custom layout 
	       of choice can be made.

	6. Installation: This is very easy. Just run windows control panel and 
	   add the TrueType fonts supplied. Or run the ATM (Adobe Type Manager
	   [tm]) and add the supplied Type 1 fonts or EPS fonts.  Method of 
	   installation for other platfoms are included in the manual.

	7. Wordprocessors: Virtually any wordprocessor and/or program can use 
	   these fonts.  Popular windows applications are MS Word for Windows 
	   (W4W), WordPerfect for Windows (WP4W), Ami Pro, Windows Write, 
	   WordStar for Windows.  Other programs such as MS Excel, Lotus 123 
	   for windows, Coreldraw, PageMaker, Paint Brush, and many other 
	   programs can use these fonts.

	8. Printers:  Any printer can be used to print these fonts.  As long 
	   as the printer is supported by windows (and is there any printer 
	   that is not supported by windows?), these fonts can be printed 
	   without loosing quality.

	If you would like to receive a free brochure about these fonts, please 
	send your mailing (postal) address to 

	anis at 

	Or write to 
	Anisur Rahman
	722 N 13th Street, Apt. 505
	Milwaukee, WI 53233
	(414) 288-2498

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