Tue May 18 16:49:29 UTC 1993

To Indology subscribers:

    In his book, The Tantric Tradition, A. Bharati mentions the
possibility that the  Mahanirvanatantrawas written in the 8th
century, and was known by Sankara. (Tantric Tradition, pg. 194)
He does not list a source for this.  In an article by J. Duncan Derret.
"A Judicial Fabrication of Early British India: The Mahanirvanatantra,"
There is a reference to an edition of this text, which includes a
commentary by Sankaracharya.  According to the note, it was printed by
the Danda Sabha of Manikarnaka Ghat, Banaras, in 1886.
   I have not been able to find any other listing of this book.  Does
anyone know of its existence and location?

Thank you for any help in this matter.

Lowell Jaks
McGill University

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