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for your information.

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I picked the following from the net.
If you think it might be of interest to Indologists
perhaps you could forward it to all on the list.


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   I have started a new mailing list to discuss ayurveda, the science of
   life that has been practiced in India for at least 5000 years.  If
   you are currently practicing ayurveda or are just interested, please
   feel free to sign onto the mailing list.  (If you've never heard of
   Ayurveda and are intrigued, two good books are _Perfect Health_ by
   Deepak Chopra and _Ayurveda: Science of Life_ by Vasant Lad.)

   To get on the mailing list, please send a message including your
   preferred mailing address to:  ayurveda-request at

   To send a message to the mailing list, use:  ayurveda at

   Owner:  Paul E. Hoffman  phoffman at


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