Diacritics for Word Perfect

JHUBBARD at smith.smith.edu JHUBBARD at smith.smith.edu
Thu May 13 20:05:01 UTC 1993

Hi. I have a set of Times Roman fonts w/ diacritics needed for Sanskrit

(and Japanese), a WordPerfect .pfs file for 5.0 and 5.1, screen fonts, and
a macro to aid input. You are welcome to all of it. I also have a student
working on creating a TimesRoman and Helvitica diacritic fonts for True Type
and Adobe Type I. These latter fonts, when finished, will be in the CS code
system endorsed by the Sanskritists. All will be freely available. Give me a
few days and I will try to upload the HP fonts to an FTP site someplace.
Jamie Hubbard, Smith College

PS. The code points for the HP fonts are my own wierd creations, so you will
have to do some search-and-replace to use them. I include an easily modifiable
(but slow) Word Perfect macro to help out.


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