Diacritics for Word Perfect

Dominik Wujastyk D.Wujastyk at ucl.ac.uk
Tue May 11 11:49:43 UTC 1993

In Message Mon, 10 May 93 17:16:30 BST,
  david nelson <DNN4745 at TAMVM1.EARN> writes:

>I seem to remember some time back that several individuals(?) have developed
>screen fonts for the diacritics in Word Perfect for  use in transliterating
>Sanskrit and other South Asian languages.  Could anyone who is using
>Word Perfect for South Asian language transliteration contact me regarding
>their setup.

Dear David,
VGA and EGA screen fonts for the IBMPC & clones, giving the CSX character
set, are available for anonymous ftp at
in the directory
as the file

.. or something like that.

Best wishes,

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