Rasaratnasamuccaya in IASS/CSX available by ftp

Thomas B. Ridgeway ridgeway at blackbox.hacc.washington.edu
Tue Mar 30 19:37:07 UTC 1993

 blackbox.hacc.washington.edu is now host to rasratna.zip in
 pub/indic.  This file is accessible via anonymous ftp.
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 This file contains the IASS/CSX encoded version of:
 The Rasaratnasamuccaya of Vagbhata: machine readable transcription,
 based on the Anandasrama Sanskrit Series edition, vol. 19,
 edited by Krishnaravasharman Vinayaka Bapata, Poona 1890.

 Covers up to chapter 5, verse 23.

 Transcription by Wieslaw Mical, Som Dev Vasudeva and Anne Glazier,
 of SOAS, London.
}  IASS/CSX refers to a proposed standard encoding for romanized
indic textual material.  For those who are new to this group, the same
directory contains other texts in CSX---get the file README.

You have recently read about the current text in a message from Dominik as:
> 1/ Vagbrasa.zip
>    The first five and a bit chapters of the Rasaratnasamuccaya of
>    Vaagbha.ta.  This is an alchemical text.  Here is the readme file:
> ---------- beginning of vagbrasa readme --------------
> The Rasaratnasamuccaya of Vaagbha.ta: machine readable transcription
> ====================================================================
This rasaratnasamuccaya is that rasaratnasamuccaya; only the encoding is

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