CSX questions

Tue Jun 29 18:15:46 UTC 1993

On Tue, 29 Jun 93 18:08:35 BST Richard J. Cohen said:
>Tom Ridgeway warns in his *Readme* file that moving TrueType or PostScript
>fonts from the PC to the Mac environment is not a trivial matter. I can
>attest to the problem, as a friend created both type of fonts through
>*Fontographer* on the Mac, and when I attempted to move them over to the
>PC, there were many problems associated with character mapping and the
>manner in which the fonts were drawn on the screen.
I guess this is a vote that yes I should go ahead and try to sort the
>That aside, Tom Ridgeway has once again rendered a service to Indologists,
>and we should thank him for it. Well done, Tom!
I certainly agree with this!
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