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> Could you please explain how I get that file to my Macintosh?
> A .ZIP file comes to me as gibberish. :-(

A ZIP file is a compressed archive of one or more constituent files.  To
get at the contents you need a program called ... UNZIP.  Your best bet
would be to get this from a friend.  At the same time you should get some
other programs such as binhex and uudecode which help when you start
fetching stuff from the Net.  There is a British service called the Higher
Education National Software Archive, which you can log on to by telnet at
micros.hensa.ac.uk.  Read the online help files, and there is a service
whereby they will send you a Mac disk full of such utilities for about 5

However, I can't believe that at UCD there isn't someone within 100 yards
of your office who doesn't already have UNZIP etc.

Incidentally, the screen fonts inside iass.zip are for the PC screen (EGA
and VGA), not Mac.  (But the file will still be useful because it contains
documentation about the CSX scheme.)  For the Mac screen you need a Mac
font, and I don't know much about these.  I believe Tom Ridgeway is
preparing an outline font which will appear in
blackbox.hacc.washington.edu:/pub/indic/outlines in due course.  Also there
are the Pisa TT CSX fonts.

Best of luck,
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