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> Is it possible to convert TeX format fonts to Postscript?

I believe it is, yes.  See the FAQ of the comp.fonts group, maintained by
Norm Walsh, and available from
There are tools to translate PK files to PS (i.e., bitmaps at a particular
resolution) which are part of a package called SeeTeX, I believe.  Also
there is a Metafont interpreter which outputs Postscript, not bitmaps,
called Metapost, by John Hobby.  It's copyrighted but free.  The release
notice I saw said it could translate MF into type 3 PS fonts.  I'm not sure
how useful that would be.

But mostly people don't try because TeX documents as a whole are easily
translated into PostScript, fonts, layout, and all.

If what you are after is a screen font for editing, under Windows, say,
then there are other fonts available which match the character set of the
new WN Indic fonts.  There are free VGA and EGA bitmap fonts available on itself.  There are the PS fonts by Madhav
Deshpande (commercial).  There is the free TrueType font which was
announced recently by Alex Passi.  Finally, Tom Ridgeway is (I believe)
going to make available something along the lines of an outline font
perhaps a Type 1, on blackbox.  Presumably this will match the coding of
the Metafont fonts.

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