ManjushreeCSX font for Romanized Sanskrit on Windows 3.1. (fwd)]

Craig Rublee rublee at
Tue Jun 22 21:58:48 UTC 1993

The FontShop in Toronto sells a product called ParaWin for $79 (Canadian)
separately or packaged with a Cyrillic font for $121.
ParaWin is a keyboard manager tool for windows which allows the user
to select which code will be generated for any key or combination
of keys. The tool also allows the user to switch from one keyboard 
to another. 

Craig Rublee

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> Subject: ManjushreeCSX font for Romanized Sanskrit on Windows 3.1.
>         After prodding from a number of people, I have created a Windows
> 3.1. compatible TrueType version of my Romanized Sanskrit font: ManjushreeCSX.
> It is possible to enter the extended characters under Windows with Alt+four
> numbers.  I would like some technical advice from anyone out there about how,
> if at all, this task of entering extended characters under Windows can be
> simplified.  Personally, I have been so much taken by the ease with which
> I can use the ManjushreeCSX and the Devanagari Madhushree Fonts on the
> Mac.  Is there a way to create a somewhat similar easy-to-enter procedure
> under Windows?  This is especially crucial for using Devanagari under Windows
> with a full set of 255 characters.  Currently, I have transferred my fonts
> to the Windows environment.  However, I cannot think of any easy way to
> enter these characters.  I would welcome any suggestions, comments!
>                         Madhav M. Deshpande
>                         University of Michigan


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