Anyone with an interest in current Vedic scholarship...

RCJ at RCJ at
Mon Jun 21 15:39:00 UTC 1993

I have  been asked  for something  well outside  my areas of
knowledge and  it struck  me that members of this list would
probably have an answer close to hand.

What is  the best  way of  compiling a list of current Vedic
scholars worldwide?

A published list of members of an essential society, a wide-
ranging subject review article, a personal list, what is the
simplest source  of such information? Any and all help would
be appreciated...

This is  unlikely to  be of general interest to the list, so
replies to me as rcj10 at, and if anyone requests
I will post a summary to INDOLOGY.

                                              Craig Jamieson
                                     University of Cambridge


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