truetype fonts for romanized sanskrit

carlo della casa giuseppe at
Thu Jun 17 20:39:16 UTC 1993

In an effort to rationalize the output of a pool of translators working on an
Italian translation of the Ramayana (a long -term project that is finally
beginning to get off the ground), we (Andrea Alberti, Umberto Pace and myself)
have developed a truetype font for
romanized sanskrit available both for Macintosh and Windows 3.1 systems.
The font is MS-Word oriented and enables Word-5.0's file format converters to
retain special characters while switching from Mac to dos (Winword-2) and
viceversa. We will
be very glad to pass it on to whoever wants to fiddle with it provided that she/
he give adequate instructions on how to send it through the system unscathed.
(Quite possibly, mailing a diskette or two might prove more efficient, less
consuming and cheaper.)
The font is ultimately based on "Times" and is not a commercial product; the Mac
intosh version includes a set of bit-mapped characters for screen use.
And, of course, we are interested Dominik Wujastyk's remark on the Ramayana
having alread
y been punched-in twice - having the text on our machines could save us a lot of
work, if anyone is willing to let
us have a copy (we are working on the Baroda critical edition)...
All the best from Italy.
Alex Passi
Dipartimento di Linguistica
Universita' di Pisa
E-mail giuseppe at


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