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>Thank you for the information about Chiwrite and its current problems with
>networking. Short of adopting an entirely new progam for my project, it
>appears that conversion to Kyoto-Harvard scheme might be the best way
>to go. Could someone give me more information about the Kyoto-Harvard 
>scheme. How it works in my case and where to obtain a copy of it.

Ken, I have a copy of a paper by Nakatani from the last world Sanskrit
conference in which he outlines his input scheme (and a metrical analysis
program).  Can you deal with a postscript file?  Or TeX?  Or is it simplest
if I just post it?  I should add that although his input scheme is fine, it
seems to me not especially better than, say, Velthuis's.  It is a set of
equivalences for easy typing.  For example,

a = a
i = i
u = u
retroflex vowel r = R
retroflex vowel l = L

Also, don't overlook the Chiwriter->TeX program.  You should evaluate it
before doing lots of labour intensive stuff.

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> From THRASHER at MAIL.LOC.GOV 02 1993 Jun GMT 15:04:15
Date: 02 Jun 1993 15:04:15 GMT

          Does anyone have a complete set  of  the Kavyamala still bound as 
          it came out as a serial, with each no. containing fragments of  a 
          number of works? Library of Congress has  one almost complete but 
          with two unbound issues one of which is missing part of the title 
          page.   It  is  dated January, I  expect  1900.   It contains the 
          following partial works: 
          Yasastilaka, p. 313-28 
          Brhatkathaslokamanjari, p. 217-40 
          Ravananarjuniya, p. 97-104 
          Harisaubhagya, p. 625-64 
          Kavyanusasana, p. 33-40 
          Pracinalekhamala, p. 49-52. 
          Could some one  tell  me which issue this  is?  Please respond to 
          the network so that  if anyone can answer no  one  else will keep 
          Allen Thrasher 
          thrasher at                                             

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