Sharing Chi-Writer-based texts

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Tue Jun 1 14:56:13 UTC 1993

Unfortunately, the Chi-Writer program is not network friendly. It uses a
very complicated marking-up system, the result of which is that only
others using the program can read ftp'd files. One could write a filter,
but it would be very difficult and time-consuming. Better and more easily
convertible hardware/software combinations are now available for those
using ChiWriter. I would suggest switching as soon as it is practicable,
to either a MacIntosh-based system using Madhav Deshpande's new fonts, or
sticking with the DOS system and moving over to a good text-editor, employing
the CSX standard and TeX. Since you have invested much labor in your
project, you could create a version of your text in ChiWriter, perhaps
using the Kyoto-Harvard transliteration scheme, and save it in ASCII
format. It could then be sent around the network and easily converted into
whatever transliteration scheme is employed by the recipient. I understand
there is a TeX converter for ChiWriter version 4.0. However, you would
have to address the special problem posed by your use of Madhav's fonts
within ChiWriter.

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