Sanskrit Version of Verse from Chandogya Upanishad

Sun Jul 18 18:14:12 UTC 1993

On Wed, 14 Jul 93 04:05:54 BST Vipul Kashyap said:
>Could someone please give me the sanskrit version of this verse from
>the Chandogya Upanishad ...
>Tranquil, let one worship it
>                As that from which he came forth,
>                As that into which he will be dissolved,
>                As that in which he breathes.   (Chandogya Upanishad 3.14.1)
Cha/ndogyopanis/ad 3.14.1:
sarvam/ khalvidam/ brahma tajjala/niti s+a/nta upa/si/ta.
atha khalu kratumayah/ purus/o yatha/kraturasmim/lloke purus/o
bhavati tathetah/ pretya bhavati sa kratum/ kurvi/ta.
This was translated by Swa/ha/nanda as:
  Verily, all this universe is Brahman. From Him do all things
  originate, into Him do they dissolve, and by Him are they
  sustained. On him should one meditate in tranquility.
  For as is one's faith, such indeed one is; and as is one's
  faith in this world in this world, such one becomes on
  departing hence. Let one, therefore, cultivate faith.
He says that "tajjala/n" is a compressed expression, with
"ja", "la", "an" standing for the verbal roots "jan", "li/",
"an" denoting origination, dissolution, and continuation of
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