A. K. Ramanujan has died.

Dominik Wujastyk D.Wujastyk at ucl.ac.uk
Fri Jul 16 10:05:56 UTC 1993

Yesterday, Jim Nye <jnye at midway.uchicago.edu> sent me the very sad news of
Raman's unexpected death.

I reproduce his message, with his permission:

> July 15, 1993
> Dominik,
>   You may have already heard the horrible news.  A. K. Ramanujan
> died on July 13 from complications of anesthesia at the beginning
> of surgery.  He was in the hospital to have a tumor removed from
> his upper spine, the cause of the pain he had been experiencing
> in his legs.  Doctors had told him the tumor was, in all
> probability, benign and that prospects were good for his
> traveling to India within a month after the surgery.  But, before
> the operation actually began his heart failed under the effects
> of the anesthesia.  He was given several types of medications in
> attempts to start his heart beating properly.  None of this was
> successful.
>   It was crushing news me.  Especially over the past months as we
> talked and worked together more closely on the Muthiah library, I
> had gained a new admiration, respect, and fondness for Raman,
> seeing how truly good he was as a human being in addition to
> being a great intellect.  The world is much impoverished.

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