Candrabindu with LaTEX

jage at jage at
Wed Jan 27 18:44:56 UTC 1993

                                          Wednesday, January 27, 1993

Depending on the transliteration scheme in use, in addition to the
TEX diacritics already described, one may also want to float a
"candrabindu" (looks like a brev with a dot above the middle) over
a letter.  THe following works, but is dependent on the size (point
size) and possibly width of the letter beneath the candrabindu.  With
a lower case "m":  \u{\hspace{-.1in}\.{m}}   
Note that this is LaTEX, not TEX.  Someone with more TEXpertise could,
no doubt devise a less dependent solution.

This is of course a purely personal proposal; it has no official
government or religious sanction.  I am not responsible should
it prove devotionally or otherwise ineffective.

     Good luck,

          Jim Agenbroad (jage at )

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