english transliteration using TeX

Wed Jan 27 12:04:31 UTC 1993

>          How does one get English transliterations (with
>          diacriticals) using TeX?

The only diacritical marks that are necessary in standard romanization
are macron for long vowels, underdot for retroflex consonants, overdot
for the velar nasal, tilde for the palatal nasal, and acute accent for
the palatal sibilant. The codes for these accents are given on p. 52
of The TeXbook. They are (in the order mentioned above): \=a (long a),
\d{t} (retroflex stop), \.n (velar nasal), \~n (palatal nasal) and
\'s (palatal sibilant). If you encode a lot of romanized Sanskrit, you
may get quite a few overfull hboxes, since TeX does not know much about
hyphenation exceptions for Sanskrit. So you may have to introduce a few
ghost hyphens \-.

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