english transliteration using TeX

Ajit Ranade AKR at BROWNVM.brown.edu
Tue Jan 26 19:56:48 UTC 1993

         Dear Devanagari TeX Users and others:

         How does one get English transliterations (with
         diacriticals) using TeX?  I would prefer a TeX based
         solution (since I am sure WordPerfect and other Mac
         based solutions exist).  Needless to add, I know how to
         typeset Devanagari fonts (using Devanagari TeX).  But
         it's the rendering in English i.e. with all the
         diacriticals that Sanskrit requires -- which is what I
         am looking for.  (I suspect it is similar to typing
         Spanish, or Norwegian etc i.e. all Roman script
         languages with their graves and accents.)  Dominik, I
         aplogize if this query is hopelessly naive!  Are the
         accents supported in plain (or La)TeX adequate for
         Sanskrit?  Thanks for any response.. Ajit Ranade

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