Recent resignations

Tue Jan 26 17:06:57 UTC 1993

> I have been thinking of unsubscribing also.
> The reason being too much undigested mail.

INDOLOGY seems to me like a nearly ideal e-mail discussion group, partly
because so little of substance ever gets posted here. E-mail is an
absolutely miserable medium for serious discussion, but it does allow
people to keep in touch and to exchange useful information quickly.
INDOLOGY provides a most useful service in allowing Indologists to
inform one another of (all too rare) employment opportunities and to
ask whether anyone knows another Indologist's address or present
whereabouts. May it stay like this forever. May those who have things
of substance to get off their chests unburden themselves elsewhere.

(Sorry, Dominik, if this isn't exactly the form of praise you were
hoping to hear for this list.)

Richard Hayes                                      cxev at
Religious Studies           McGill University           Montreal, Quebec

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