Indus & Indo-Aryans

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Tue Jan 12 17:43:54 UTC 1993

Dear Indologists:

For arguments in favour of Indo-Aryans being in the general Indian
area going as far back as the 6th millennium BCE please see

S.C. Kak, The Indus tradition and the Indo-Aryans,
Mankind Quarterly , vol.  32, 1992, pp. 195-213.

For a background as well as more detailed arguments see the other
papers by the author:

A frequency analysis of the Indus script,
 Cryptologia,  vol. 12, 1988, 129-143.

Indus writing,  Mankind Quarterly,  vol. 30, 1989, pp. 113-118.

Indus and Brahmi: Further Connections,
 Cryptologia,  vol. 14, 1990, pp. 169-183.

The sign for zero,
 Mankind Quarterly,  vol. 30, 1990, pp. 199-204.

The Indus Man d ala and the Indo-Aryans, In  Science, History,
Culture and Archaeology ---Dr S.R. Rao's 70th Birthday Felicitation
Volume , B.U. Nayak and N.C. Ghosh (Editors), 1992, pp. 105-118.

A new view of ancient India,  Yoga Journal , Number 105, 1992, pp.
64-102. [with Georg Feuerstein and David Frawley]

-Subhash Kak

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