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Georgetown Catalogue of Projects in Electronic Text (CPET)
Center for Text & Technology
Academic Computer Center, Reiss 238
Georgetown University, Washington, DC  20057  USA
tel: 202-687-6096        fax: 202-687-6003

     Paul Mangiafico, CPET Project Assistant
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     Dr. Michael Neuman, Director, Center for Text & Technology
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This 26K file contains information on 7 projects, and was last
updated in February, 1993.

The list from which this information is drawn is organized
alphabetically by geographic location, and thus this digest follows
a similar order. The following index lists the projects described
in this digest and the order in which they occur.

CPET#184       Thesaurus of Texts in Ancient Indo-European
CPET#191       Sanskrit medical encyclopaedias
CPET#268       Sanskrit texts
CPET#298       Oxford Text Archive
CPET#8         PHI Demonstration CD-ROM #1 (LBASE/CCAT)
CPET#71        Indic Script Textbases
CPET#101       Thesaurus Linguae Sanskritae

Information on the projects listed below is organized in the
following manner:

     0. Identifying Acronym             5. Language
     1. Name and Affiliation            6. Intended Use
     2. Contact Address                 7. Format
     3. Disciplinary Interests          8. Forms of Access
     4. Focus                           9. Source of Holdings


Bamberg (Otto Friedrich Universita%t)/ Thesaurus of Texts in
          Ancient Indo-European Languages
     [Kraft email 5/24/89; Gippert letters 11/89, 9/5/91, 1sep92]
     0. THESIETEXT (Thesaurus of Texts in Ancient Indo-European
     1. Thesaurus Indogermanischer Textcorpora; Universitat
          Bamberg, Germany  See Journal "Die Sprache," Vol. 32/2 
     2. Dr. Jost Gippert
          Universita%t Bamberg, Orientalistik
          Postfach 1549
          D-W-8600 Bamberg, Germany
     3. Literature, language, linguistics, history
     4. From beginning of literacy to 17th century; Eurasia
     5. Old Indic (Sanskrit), Old Iranian (Avestan, Old Persian),
          Hittite, Tokharian, Old Germanic, Greek (Ancient), Italic
          languages, Armenian (Old), and several other I.- E.
     6. Textbank
     7. Sequential text; encoding scheme of DOS, WordCruncher,
          and WordPerfect 5.1
     8. Access on diskettes, CD-ROM (planned)
     9. Encoded by various scholars in different parts of Europe.

Hamburg (Univ)/ Sanskrit medical encyclopaedias
     [E-mail from Wujastyk 11/89]
     1. Sanskrit medical encyclopaedias
     2. Prof. R.E. Emmerick
          Iranian Studies
          University of Hamburg Germany
     3. Medicine
     4. Caraka, Susruta, Astangahrdaya, Astangasamgraha, and the
          Siddhasara of Ravigupta
     5. Sanskrit

Zurich (Univ)/ Sanskrit texts
     [E-mail from Wujastyk 11/89; Schreiner letter 8/22/90]
     1. Sanskrit texts
     2. Prof. Peter Schreiner
          Abteilung fu%r Indologie
          Universita%t Zu%rich
          Ra%mistr. 68
          CH-8001 Zu%rich Switzerland
          tel. 0041-1-2572036
     3. Indology, Sanskrit, Hinduism, Indian philosophy
     4. Visnupurana, Manu, Sakuntala, Asvaghosa, Buddhacarita, 
          Gaudapada-Karika, Adisesa, Paramarthasara, Bhagavadgita,
          Narayaniyam, Mahabharata, Svetasvatara-Upanisad.
     5. Sanskrit
     6. deposit with Oxford Text Archive intended
     7. Straight-forward trans-literation with marking of sandhi,
               nominal compounds, references; TUSTEP format (ASCII
               format possible). TUSTEP programs for KWIC-index,
               reserve index word forms etc.
     8. Presently none
     9. Encoded in-house

Oxford (Univ)/ OTA = Oxford Text Archive
     [Hughes, BBBS 583; letter from Burnard 5/90; e-mail Archive
     news 5/90; brochure 06/90; email Hart 1/18/90; Humanist OTA
     News postings 5-4-90, 6oct92]
     0. OTA
     1. Oxford Text Archive, Oxford University Computing Service
          (OUCS) - Oxford University.  See Judith K. Proud _The
          Oxford Text Archive_ (British Library R&D Report no 5985,
          1989).  See also forthcoming _Humanities Computing
     2. Alan Morrison and Lou Burnard
          Oxford Text Archive
          Oxford University Computing Service
          13 Banbury Rd.
          Oxford OX2 6NN
          United Kingdom
          tel.  +44 (865) 273238; +44 (865) 273200;
          Fax:  +44 (865) 273 275
          JANET: Archive at Uk.Ac.Oxford.Vax
          ARPANET: at
     3. Literature, language
     4. No specific focus of period, genre, location, or medium.
     5. English and nearly 3 dozen others, including Arabic, 
          Armenian, Coptic, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French,
          Fufulde, Gaelic, German, Greek, Hebrew, Icelandic,
          Italian, Kurdish, Latin, Latvian, Malayan, Mayan, Pali,
          Portuguese, Provenc\al, Russian, Sanskrit, Serbo-Croat,
          Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, and Welsh
     6. Deposit Archive of hundreds of textbanks for private 
          scholarly research; interested in acquiring and
          maintaining electronic texts of any specialization for
          re-use within the scholarly community.
     7. Texts held in a wide variety of formats, but prefer the 
          use of descriptive markup e.g. SGML. Texts stored as
          plain ASCII character files on magnetic tape, easily
          transferred to most software package. Texts are
          compatible with the Oxford Concordance Program (OCP).
     8. Access online, by tape (9-track; Density 800, 1600 or 
          6250 bpi; ASCII or EBCDIC; fixed, variable, or
          formatted), by diskette (MS-Dos or Macintosh; HD or DD;
          3.5" or 5.25"), by cartridge (DC300, TAR format only) or
          (within the UK) over networks. Also available in printed
          bound format. Copyrights are present for some works, so
          a limited usage form is to be signed by each user. Non-
          registered users should send e-mail to
          Archive at Uk.Ac.Oxford.Vax listing the texts the user
          intends to use and the purpose. 
     9. Very few texts encoded in house since primarily is a 
          deposit Archive. 
        Costs : 5 British Pounds per text. PLUS:
                15 British Pounds (within UK) per tape. 
                25 British Pounds (elsewhere) per tape.
                15 British Pounds per diskette.
                30 British Pounds per cartridge.
        Payments in sterling or US dollars only ($2 = 1 B.P.).
        For available works, see Oxford Text Archive Shortlist.
     10. Distributing a revised edition of the Toronto D.O.E. 
               Corpus (20 pounds within Europe; 30 pounds
               everywhere else).
          Ancient Hebrew Inscriptions Corpora (Cambridge Univ.
               Press, 1991)
          Susanne Corpus (Brown Corpus of American English)
          Anicius Manlius Severinus Boethius. De syllogismo 
               hypothetico. [Latin]
          Gay, John. The Beggar's Opera. (B.W. Huebsch 1922)
          Griffin, James. Well-being: Its Menaing, Measurement,
               and Moral Importance. (Oxford: Oxford University
               Press [1987])
          Joyce, James. Finnegans Wake (Faber & Faber 1964)
          Joyce, James. Ulysses (Bodley Head 1960)
          Kant, Immanuel. Critique of Pure Reason, trans. N. Kemp
               Smith. (London: Macmillan [1929])
          McGuinness, Brian. Wittgenstein, A Life: Young Ludwig,
               1889-1921. (London: Duckworth [1988])
          More, Thomas. Utopia. [Latin]
          Parfit, Derek. Reasons and Persons. (Oxford: Oxford
               University Press [1984])
          Plato. Works. [Greek]
          Sartre, Jean Paul. La Nause.
          Shakespeare, William. Complete First Folio. ($90)
          Van Dyke, Henry. The Story of the Other Wise Man
               (Harper & Bros. 1907)
          Wittgenstein, Ludwig. Culture and Value. [German]
               (Vermischte Bermerkungen)
          Wittgenstein, Ludwig. Last Writings on the Philosophy
               of Psychology, in part. [German] [Letzte Schriften
               uber die Philosphie der Psychologie]
          Wittgenstein, Ludwig. Remarks on the Philosophy of
               Psychology. [German] [Bermerkungen uber die
               Philosophie der Psychologie].

CA Los Altos (The Packard Humanities Institute and Univ. of 
     Penn. CCAT)/ PHI Demonstration CD-ROM #1 (LBASE/CCAT)
     [Letter from Rice 10/89; Comparini letter 05/90; Waite 
     letter 1/9/89; Comparini 06/20/91]
     0. PHI Demonstration CD-ROM #1
     1. The Packard Humanities Institute and CCAT, University of
     2. Brigitte R. Comparini
          The Packard Humanities Institute
          300 Second Street, Suite 201
          Los Altos, CA 94022
          tel. (415) 948-0150
          Bitnet : xb.m07 at stanford
          fax : (415) 948-5793
        Robert A. Kraft
          Box 36 College Hall
          University of Pennsylvania
          Philadelphia, Pa 19104
          tel. (215) 898-5827
          Bitnet: Kraft at
     3. Latin literature; biblical and miscellaneous; non-
          literary Greek papyri.
     4. Latin literature through A.D. 200; Biblical and
          miscellaneous of various periods.
     5. Primarily Latin, English, Greek, Hebrew; also Aramaic,
          Coptic, Sanskrit, Tibetan, Arabic, Italian, Danish,
     6. Large Latin database for literary, linguistic, and
          historical research; biblical and miscellaneous database
          for literary, linguistic, historical,
          religious, and scholarly research.
     7. High Sierra for directory and file allocation; ASCII
          coded transcription for non-Roman alphabets, compatible
          with Thesaurus Linguae Graecae (University of California,
          Irvine) Beta code; full text, unindexed; system
          independent. Exact Search, Fuzzy Search, GREP Search; set
          context length and record span; set up linguistic models
          of any type; built-in WordStar editor; make grammatical
          concordances and other custom databases. CD ROM (ISO
     8. CD-ROM (High Sierra format) distributed under license to
          individuals and institutions, for non-commercial use.
          Software programs to access archive obtainable from:
               (a) CCAT, Box 36 College Hall, University of Penn.
                   Philadelphia, Pa 19104-6303
                   Tel : (215) 898-1597 (IBM).
               (b) Ibycus, P.O. Box 1330
                   Los Altos, CA 94022
                   Tel : (415) 941-5674 (Ibycus).
               (c) Linguistics Software, P.O. Box 580
                   Edmonds, WA 98020-0580 (Macintosh).
                   Tel: (206) 775-1130
               (d) Perseus Project, Dept. of Classics, 319
                   Boylston Hall, Harvard University,
                   Cambridge, MA 02138.
                   Tel : (617) 495-9025 (Macintosh).
               (e) David Rensburger, 1293 Willivee Drive,
                   Decatur, GA 30033 (IBM).
               (f) Anna Santoni, Scuola Normale Superiore,
                   56100 Pisa, Italy.
                   Fax : 39-50-563513 (Macintosh).
               (g) John Baima, Silver Mountain Software,
                   7246 Cloverglen Drive, Dallas, TX 75249 (IBM).
               (h) Pharos software: Randall Smith, Dept. of
                   Classics, UC Santa Barbara, CA 93106 (IBM).
                   rsmith1 at
     9. Latin : prepared from various printed sources by PHI; 
          biblical and miscellaneous; collected from various
          sources and editions and organized by CCAT (Univ. of
          Penn). Texts donated to and by the TLG (Thesaurus Linguae
          Graecae - University of California at Irvine) and CCAT
          (Center for Computer Analysis of Texts - University of
        Due for release mid-February (1991) are the following
          text bases:
               Thesaurus Linguae Latinae (TLL)
               Duke Data Bank of Documentary Papyri (DDBDP) (from
                    project of the same name, located at Duke
               Cornell Inscription Project (CIP) (from project of
                    the same name, located at Cornell University).
               Nag Hammadi Coptic Texts (from Claremont
               Coptic (Sahidic) New Testament (from CCAT; David
                    Horner edition, but revised and edited by
                    David Brakke and Bentley Layton).
        Availability : Expanded and revised edition forthcoming.
               License fee $25.00
        Utility Disks:
          Individual license : $50
          University license : $100
        Foreign Fonts:
          Individual license : $90
          University license : $200
        Graphics Tool Box:
          Individual license : $75
          University license : $400
     10. Project includes such works as The Divine Comedy, Hebrew
               Bible, Chaucer's work, and other Greek and Latin
          Various works of Saint Augustine of Hippo. [Latin]
          Descartes, Rene. Elementa. [Latin]
          Descartes, Rene. Regulae. [Latin]
          Descartes, Rene. Principia, 1 and 2. [Latin]
          Bagavad Gita (from Oxford Text Archive, with
               corrections) [Sanskrit]
          Rigveda (from UTexas/Irvine) [Sanskrit]

NM Las Cruces (NMSU)/ Indic Script Textbases
     [Moberg, DBHSS 33, de Ram email 5/24/89]
     1. Indic Script Textbases, New Mexico State University
          See Candelaria de Ram, "Indic Script Textbases" in
          Databases in the Humanities and Social Sciences, Osprey,
          Plorida: Paradigm Press, 1987: 33-73.
     2. Sylvia Candelaria de Ram
          Natural Language Group
          Computing Research Laboratory
          Box 3CF, UPB
          New Mexico State University
          Las Cruces, NM 88003
          tel. (505) 646-6216/522-2978
          BITNET: sylvia at, sylvia at nmsu.bitnet
     3. Natural texts for and by children and adults (excerpts
          from children's primers and other books).  Aerospace 
          textbook sections with diagrams and text with titles
     4. Modern, Indic, American
     5. Indic characters of Araboid and Sanscritic families, 
          orthographically accurate transliteration into ASCII of
          Hindi, Urdu, Bengal, English, Spanish
     6. Transliteration system for Devanagri, Nastaliq, Bengali,
          Tamil, and other Bhrami scripts; of character, textbank
          for construction of usage pattern or database for machine
          translation, discourse analysis and generation, user
          interfaces; approx. 25 selected texts, word lists
     7. Sequential texts in ASCII format, some with troff
          typesetting commands; databases are in Prolog format,
          usable after filtering with Lisp; entry on site by Unix
          gnu emacs editors running on Suns
     8. Access online in a Berkeley Unix environment, and soon by
          Apple Mac diskette. No special hardware or software
     9. Encoded in house; sources of Indic texts are published 
          children's and adults books from India, Pakistan, and

TX Austin (University of Texas)/ Thesaurus Linguae Sanskritae
     [E-mail from Wujastyk 11/89]
     1. Thesaurus Linguae Sanskritae, University of Texas
     2. Prof. R. Lariviere
          University of Texas
          Austin, Texas 78712
          tel. (512) 471-5811
     5. Sanskrit
     9. Texts include Mahabharata and Ramayana



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