Release of Online Tamil Lexicon (OTL)

Thomas Malten ami01 at rs1.rrz.Uni-Koeln.DE
Thu Dec 23 18:05:07 UTC 1993




The Institute of Indology and Tamil Studies announces the release of
the first part of its Online Tamil Lexicon (OTL) on the

      Gopher Information Server at

It can be reached by typing:


At present the OTL consists of above 130,000 entries. Included are
all the main entries in the Madras Tamil Lexicon (TL) and Supplement
(TLS), with English meanings. The OTL can be searched for ENGLISH as
well as TAMIL meanings.

The OTL will be constantly updated and expanded to include materials
from other dictionaries (Proenca, Beschi, Fabricius, Rottler, Winslow
etc.) as well as from classical and modern Tamil texts.

IMPORTANT: Read INFO.OTL first for information on Tamil transliteration
used on the gopher server. Also for further information on the scope and
uses of the OTL.

For technical assistance thanks to:
- Offshore Indology, Chidambaram, esp. their Portable Panini (TM) programs
- Institut fuer Informatik, Universitaet Koeln, Martin Olschewski
- RRZ der Universitaet Koeln, Andreas Strotmann

* NOTE: The Online Tamil Dictionary (OTL) is copyright (c) 1993 IITS,    *
* Koeln. It may be used for any bonafide non-commercial research purpose.*
* No part of it may be used for any other purpose without the prior      *
* written permission of the Institute of Indology and Tamil Studies,     *
* Koeln, Germany. Accessing the OTL constitutes the acceptance of these  *
* conditions.                                                            *

As has been announced earlier
the Gopher is to provide access to the data of the "Thesaurus of Tamil
Texts" (TTT), a project by the Institute of Indology and Tamil Studies,
Koeln University in collaboration with the Dept.of Indology, South Asia
Institute, Heidelberg University. TTT consists of the major classical
Tamil texts starting with Sangam literature. All the texts are also
indexed cumulatively. The texts on the Gopher Server will be expanded
continuously. ======

* Further information, suggestions and corrections:
* ami01 at (Thomas Malten)

-Thomas Malten

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> From THRASHER at MAIL.LOC.GOV 23 1993 Dec GMT 16:20:16
Date: 23 Dec 1993 16:20:16 GMT

          The following message from the online Nepal Digest, dealing with  
          uthern Asia Section 
          Library of Congress 
          Date: Wed, 15 Dec 1993 09:46:24 +0800 (SST) 
          From: Sushil Acharya <sushil at> 
          Subject: Nepal enters the brave new world of cyberspace 
                        ERNET NODE FOR NEPAL 
                          by Sushil Acharya 
          The  Royal Nepal Academy of Science & Technology (RONAST) has 
          obtained an ERNET node for the Kingdom of Nepal. Their system 
          is connected  to  the  VIKRAM  system  of  the  Department of 
          Electronics,  New Delhi, India. The ERNET is connected to the 
          INTERNET through this VIKRAM system. 
          This system has been recently established. It may still be in 
          a testing stage. I just received  a  meassge which was mailed 
          four days ago.The Email address of the Computer Section Chief 
          is listed below. INTERNET users can  write to him for further 
                  Name:  Suresh Man Singh 
                  Email: suresh at 
          Sushil Acharya 
          AIT, Bangkok 
          Date: Wed, 15 Dec 93 11:25:44 EST 
          From: Shailendra Shukla <SHUKLA at> 
          Subject:Dual Citizenship 
               The following article of mine was published in the Florida-N 
          Association's Newsletter a couple of months ago. Dual-citizenship 
          subject among expatriate Nepalis but I was not sure if this subje 
          any interest to the TND community which I assume consists mostly  
          who have more things to worry than that of dual citizenship. Howe 
          an issue which will affect a considerable number of present stude 
          eventually and so I am sending it now to the TND for further disc 
                                       Shailendra Shukla 
               Demand for dual-citizenship seems to be growing among native 
          countries who have acquired the US citizenship. Although I have n 
          phenomenon for quite some time among Indians, of late Nepalis als 
          started to clamor for this status. In the following I present som 
          thoughts in this matter and hope to start a discussion among the  

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