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> >I am working with someone on a project concerning monsters and 
> >malevolent spirits, etc.  During my studies of this wholesome topic over 
> >the years I have seen references to the churel--the spirit of a woman who 
> >has died in childbirth or as a result of some other polluting event.  Some 
> >sources say that the churel has her feet on backwards, a motif I think I 
> >have encountered in the folklore of other cultures. Does anyone know the 
> >significance of this anatomical oddity other than the obvious fact the 
> >footprints would be misleading?
>  I have seen miniature paintings from Kangra or other Pahari kalams
depicting the malevolent being you refer to, with the reversed feet. Could
there be a Himalayan connection, or should we consider the phenomenon
generally Indic?

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Does anybody know where I can get DEVNAGARI FONTS?


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