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Fri Dec 10 17:49:55 UTC 1993

According to Yannis Haralambous:
> Sorry for annoying you with such a message, but could you please tell me
> the translation of "awake dream" (<< le r^eve 'eveill'e >>) in Hindi and
> other Indic languages? please use the standard transliteration because I
> need to write it in the corresponding scripts.
> Many thanks in advance,
> Yannis Haralambous

  NP    div^a svapn
  VP    jag.te hue svapn (sap.n^a) dekh.n^a
  NP    din k^a kh^ab (Xw^ab)
  VP    jag.te hue Xw^ab dekh.n^a
  NP    j^ag^a svapna (read: ja:ga: shopno)
  VP    jege svapna dekh^a (jege shopno dekha:) 
Pos mporoume na to leme sta ellinika:
        xypnoneiro? I ohi?
     Pollous hairetismus


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