iva-samaasa in Vedic Samhitas (repost)

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        Lately I have been thinking about iva-samaasa.  Panini does not
recognize such a compound of iva with the preceding word.  However, a Varttika
of Katyayana proposes it.
        The Padapatha of RV, for example, splits iva from the previous
word by an avagraha, and not by a danda, suggesting that this is a division
of members of a compound-expression.  This practise is, as far as I can
verify with available resources, followed by the Padapatha of the Shaunakiya
AV, and by the Padapathas of the White YV.  It is not followed by the
Padapatha of the TS, and SV.  Both of these traditions mark off iva with
a danda.
        I would like to know how other traditions of Padapatha deal
with this matter.  I don't know of any published editions of other
Pada[athas.  Perhaps, someone who has access to manuscripts may be
able to shed some light on this question.
        Madhav Deshpande

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