What is the Point, Janaab?

l.m.fosse at easteur-orient.uio.no l.m.fosse at easteur-orient.uio.no
Thu Dec 2 09:59:53 UTC 1993

V. Siddharth writes:

>The irony is someone called our office to say that we should
>accomodate Shri Arun Shourie on our panel! What can such a man
>have to say about democratic renewal?  It is hard to believe the
>democratic credentials of men and women who are so incensed
>about historical wrongs (whether actual or  perceived) that they
>ignore the crimes which are happening in India today.

I happen to share most of Siddharth's views, but on this point I disagree.
People like Shri Arun Shourie should definitely be allowed on panels and
*be confronted*. This is what is done in this country with all sorts of
people with obnoxious views. Done properly, it is not only a legitimate
part of the democratic process, it is also sensible way of challenging
destructive opinions.

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