Ayodhya discussion

ucgadkw at ucl.ac.uk ucgadkw at ucl.ac.uk
Thu Dec 2 10:38:08 UTC 1993

Dear INDOLOGYists,

I personally am quite interested in the political issues and arguments
surrounding the Ayodhya events, the rise of the BJP, and opposition
to it.

However, when I negotiated with Liverpool University to found the
INDOLOGY forum it was on the basis that the group would be a quiet,
low-volume group for classically-oriented scholars of Indian languages,
culture and history.  The posting of long articles and reviews taken
from contemporary publications, and concerning contemporary political
issues, was not among the founding aims of INDOLOGY.  Indeed, such
discussions are positively welcomed in other forums like
soc.culture.india, and INDOLOGY was created to provide an alternative
forum which would not include such material.

I have asked Dileep Karanth to continue his discussions about Ayodhya
on a personal basis with those members of INDOLOGY who wish to participate.
I hope that if you wish to debate these issues, which are certainly 
intersting and important, you will continue the discussion with Mr 
Karanth directly, or in soc.culture.india, or in some other forum
created for the purpose.

Many thanks,



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