Harivamsa Translation

Vickie L. Banks 21602VB at EDU.MSU
Sat Sep 12 07:31:03 UTC 1992

Status: RO

I'm trying to get a good translation into English of the
Harivamsa Purana.  In various card catalogs I found a
translation by Thoreau, which is hard to find; a book
called Young Krishna, by Francis Hutchins; and something
new called The Eighty-four Hymns of Hita Harivamsa, which
I'm not clear if is actually a translation of the Harivamsa
into English or something else.  It looks like I'm going to
have to order whatever by interlibrary loan.  Does any of you
have a recommendation as to the best translation available in
English and where to get it?  (Alternatively I could use a
translation into French, some other European language, or even
Hindi, but I would really prefer English.)
Thanks for any insights...
Vickie L. Banks
Michigan State University
21602VB at MSU.EDU

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