Re Indological Studies

Dominik Wujastyk ucgadkw at UK.AC.UCL
Fri Nov 6 07:38:32 UTC 1992

On Nov 5, 10:06am, Vivek wrote:
> I'm looking for some professors of Indological Studies .
> I mean one of my relatives (Dr. O.P. Pandey Reader, Lko. Univ., Lucknow,India)
> have written some books on Vedic studies . And he need some body who can help
>  him review those books.
Vivek, normal professional practice is for the editor of a scholarly
journal to decide to whom to send a book for review.  It isn't the
professors themselves who initiate the reviewing procedure (normally,
that is; of course there are exceptions).  Ask your relative in
Lucknow to get the publisher of his book to send review copies of
the book to the editors of journals in which the publisher wishes
a review to appear.  Again, it is the *publisher* who should do this,
not your relative, although a good publisher will normally ask the
author for a list of journals which would be suitable for review
copies to be sent to.  The review process is between the publisher
and a reviews editor, not between an author and a professor.
I hope this helps.  :-)

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