Buddhacarita and Astadhyayi files now available

Dominik Wujastyk ucgadkw at UK.AC.UCL
Fri May 22 14:12:25 UTC 1992

Status: RO

Dear Madhav,
 > Alas! the
 > decode program comes back with the dreadful message "No begin line."
 > With the help of my colleagues I have tried several alternatives and
 > still I cannot UUdecode these files.
I gather from your later mail that you are okay now.  The above message
sometimes gets issued by uudecode when the line endings are wrong.
DOS uses cr/lf (ASCII 13/10) to end each line of a text file.  Unix
uses just LF, and the Mac uses just CR.  Many text filter programs,
like uudecode, are sensitive to this.  So if you got your file from
a Unix system (like mailbase) and downloaded it in binary mode to
your PC, it would have only LFs at the end of each line, and
uudecode might not be able to recognise the end of the first line.
Just a thought.

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