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Below my signature is a notice of revisions to the pub/indic directory
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This file contains supplemental information on additions or
changes since this ftp directory was originally created.
May 15 1992: the file panini.zip has been added; panini has
             the file sutrapat.csx, with the asthadhyayi in
             the Classical Sanskrit extended character set.
             This is a modified form of the text as made available
             on the Indology listserver at liverpool.ac.uk
May 15 1992: for those with PCs, the files wnrir.ega, wnrir.vga,
             wnrirega.com, and wnrirvga.com may be of interest.
             [These must be transferred in binary mode].  The files
             wnrir.ega and wnrir.vga are screen fonts for EGA and VGA
             respectively (the VGA font is also the right size for a
             Hercules plus).  Those with screen font downloading
             utilities may use these fonts to view Sanskrit material
             encoded with CS/CSX encoding --such as sutrapat.csx above.
             The files wnrirega.com and wnrirvga.com are small program
             files which load the video controller with the screen fonts;
             these programs *do not* stay memory resident.  Anything
             which resets the video controller (e.g. the `mode' command,
             or most graphics programs) will evict the wnrir font.  Some
             cards have been marketed as having `VGA graphics' but do not
             support VGA fonts; if you have such a card you can likely use
             the wnrirega.com program.
              None of these are useful for plain Hercules or clone `mono-
              graphics' cards, or for CGA cards (or for that matter causing
              rain to fall or cooking the perfect ras malai).
15 May 1992:  the file bddhcrtm.zip has been added; this contains the TEI
              encoded text of the buddhacarita prepared by Peter Schreiner
              retranscribed in the CS/CSX encoding.

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