Buddhacarita and Astadhyayi files now available

Dominik Wujastyk ucgadkw at UK.AC.UCL
Thu May 14 09:24:05 UTC 1992

Status: RO

Thanks to the efforts of our LISTSERV supporter at Liverpool,
Chris Wooff <QQ43 at UK.AC.LIVERPOOL>, the Buddhacarita and
A.s.taadhyaayii text files are *now* available on order from
the LISTSERV software at Liverpool.  The following commands
should be sent to "listserv at liverpool.ac.uk", emphatically
not to "indology at ...".  (If you do the latter, your request will
go out to the 100 members, and you won't get what you want :-)
1) INDEX INDOLOGY this gets a list of all Indology files
(including all the logs of previous discussions).  This file has
lines longer that the width of your screen (80 chars), so the
LISTSERV software kindly folds these lines over to the next line
and puts a code at the beginning of any lines so treated.  This
is called "listpunch" format.  It is clumsy, but just about readable.
If you want the file in its original form, there is a program
called "unpunch" which undoes the coding.  If you don't have unpunch,
contact your system supervisor (good luck).
2) GET PANINI PACKAGE gets you the complete package (including a list
of files and the instructions).
3) GET PANINI MEMO gets you just the instructions on how to unpack the files
you receive.
5) GET <fname> <ftype> e.g. GET BUDDHAC PART2 gets you the relevant
The listserv has been overburdened lately so the responses may take
several hours to reach you.

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