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Alexis Sanderson has asked me to forward the following notice
to this group:
                      WOLFSON COLLEGE
                          OX2 6DU
               Telephone:      +44 865 274100
               Direct line:    +44 865 274102
               FAX:            +44 865 274125
The College proposes to elect a Junior Research Fellow in
Indology for three years from 1st October 1992, or as soon
as possible thereafter.  The person elected will be required
to carry out research in Oxford in some branch of Indology.
Indology will be understood as the study of the history,
languages, literature, philosophy, science, religion, music,
art or culture of the Indian sub-continent through the
medium of one or more oriental languages, ancient or modern.
Candidates will be expected to be competent in any language
necessary for the conduct of original research in their
chosen field.
The annual stipend will be 8,798 pounds plus any general
percentage increase in academic salaries that may come into
effect.  Single accommodation in College for the duration of
the Fellowship will be offered without charge;  if married
or family accommodation is required, a charge will be made
equal to the difference in rents.  If the Fellow elects not
to live in College accommodation, a housing allowance will
be paid equivalent to the current rent of a single room in
college.  Fellows are allowed Common Table, i.e., an
allowance of up to 22.75 pounds a week for informal meals
taken in Hall.  The Fellow may be permitted to undertake up
to six hours' teaching per week.  The Fellowship will not
normally be tenable with another stipendiary position:  if,
exceptionally, the Fellowship is awarded to a person holding
such a position some adjustment in the stipend may be made.
The Fellow may be permitted to spend up to half the period
of his or her tenure away from Oxford, if this is necessary
for his research.  Whilst in Oxford, the Fellow will be
required to reside within 12 miles of the centre of Oxford.
The cost of one return air ticket to the area of study will
in an appropriate case be offered during the three year
Applications, accompanied by a curriculum vitae and the
names of two referees, as well as specimens of the
applicant's written work (up to a total length of 15,000
words) and a description in detail of the research which he
or she proposes to carry out and his or her qualifications
for undertaking it, are invited from men and women with at
least two years' research experience in the field.
Candidates should normally be under 30 on 1st October 1992
but consideration will be given to older candidates where
and unavoidable interruption of academic studies has
occurred.  Preference will be given to candidates who have
not already held a stipendiary Junior Research Fellowship at
another college.
Applications, in duplicate and preferably typed, should
reach the President by 1st May 1992.  Enquiries should be
addressed to the President's Secretary.
!!! Candidates should themselves write direct to their referees !!!
!!! asking them, without further request from the College, to   !!!
!!! send a confidential reference to the President.             !!!
Any election made will be subject to the granting of a Work
Permit if applicable.
March 1992

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