Kerala Astronomy query

The Red Baron rmm16 at UK.AC.CAMBRIDGE.PHOENIX
Sat Mar 7 12:20:12 UTC 1992

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Hello! Aldabra (PAS14 at UK.AC.CAM.PHX) sent a query from me concerning Keralan
Astronomy. I am now a subscriber, and hence repeat the request!
A friend of mine is involved in writing a book on the history of Keralan
Astronomy in which he wishes to show the development of the concept of cosmos
by the Keralite astronomers of the 14th and 15th Century. At the moment, I am
trying to search out suitable sources  (he lives in Kerala).
Apparently a lot of the relevant works/books (including some from Missionaries)
have been translated into English,German,etc. and are unavailable in India.
Can anyone help, know of suitable books/sources, etc?
Richard Marsden
(Please mail replies to RMM16 at UK.AC.CAM.PHX. I believe international
subscribers may have to swap the address around.)

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