Whereabouts of M. Christopher Byrski

Dominik Wujastyk ucgadkw at UK.AC.UCL
Wed Jun 17 09:01:07 UTC 1992

Status: RO

> I would appreciate information on the whereabouts of M(aria) Christopher
> Byrski, a Polish indologist. I will be visiting Poland, mostly Warsawa, this
> July, and am interested in consulting with any and all Polish South Asianists.
> Thanks for help in advance. From: Richard J. Cohen, SASIA at PENNSAS.UPENN.EDU
> (Internet).
Byrski is no longer Prof. of Sanskrit in Warsaw.  He accepted a diplomatic
posting as Attache for Education and Technology at the Polish embassy in
Delhi.  I visited him there, in Canakya Puri, in 1990, but I don't know
how long his posting was for.  Three years, I imagine.  It may be
over now, or close to finishing, and I guess Byrski will have kept a
foothold of some kind in Warsaw, domestic.
The other main Sanskritist in Warsaw, Marek Mejor, accepted a fellowship
in Japan at about the same time as Byrski went to Delhi.

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