Request for suggestions on teaching about Varanasi

Tue Jun 16 19:10:00 UTC 1992

Status: RO

Thank you Mr. Gupta and Dr. Gambhir. I am making a note of your suggestions.
My original intent of including the comic books was for exactly the same
reasons given by Dr. Gambhir.
As for contacting Dr. Eck, I have done so. As a matter of fact, this is the
second year that this institute on Cities: Windows into World Culture is being
given. Dr. Eck was contacted last year and she was very helpful. The matter
of 'primary documents' has come up because the curriculum writing team is
particular about a certain format for all the cities. My biggest concern is that
   the curriculum writers neither acquaint themselves with the materials that th
teachers are given nor do they attend the presentation of the scholar/facili-tat
   or. They come during the special curriculum writing sessions to assist the
teachers. Each year, we try to work on changes as best as we can within the
constraints of a "less is more, teacher-centered innovative curriculum in social
P.S. Please ignore the hyphen in the word 'facilitator'.
Shyamala Raman

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