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I append below the timetable of the last few months of the
HSS held weekly at SOAS, since it might be of general
interest to INDOLOGY members to see who's currently doing
what.  I'll try to be a bit more timely in future, and
send in the *forthcoming* list!
If other INDOLOGists have active visiting speaker programs,
I for one would be very interested to see lists of speakers
and topics.
University of London
School of Oriental and African Studies
Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London, WC1H OXG
Tel. No. (071) 637 2388
Convenor: Dr. I. Julia Leslie
Lectures will be held on TUESDAYS in Room LG61 at 1.0 pm
Term 2
Jan.  14    'Is a Theory of Caste Possible?'
            Dr. Declan Quigley (University of Cambridge)
            [Chair: Dr. Christopher Pinney]
      21    'The Ramayana Reliefs of the Prambanan Temple
              (Central Java)'
            Dr. Alessandra Iyer (Loughborough College of Art and
            [Chair: Ben Arps]
      28    'Impure Women, Virtuous Men: Gender, Caste and
              Ideology in Tamilnadu'
            Dr. Karin Kapadia (LSE and SOAS)
            [Chair: Dr. Julia Leslie]
Feb.   4    'Hindu Gods on Ancient Indian Coins'
            Joe Cribb (Curator, South Asian Coins, British
            [Chair: Prof. A.D.H. Bivar]
      11    'Body and Cosmology in the Jayakhyasamhita and
              related systems'
            Dr. Gavin D. Flood (University of Wales)
            [Chair: Dr. Tuvia Gelblum]
      18    'Gender Relations and Social Change in Eighteenth-
              Century Western India'
            Dr Rosalind O'Hanlon (Clare College, Cambridge)
            [Chair: Dr. Julia Leslie]
      25    'The Reinterpretation and Reconstruction of Hinduism
              in Nineteenth-Century Bengal'
            Indira Chowdhury-Sengupta (SOAS)
            [Chair: Dr. William Radice]
Mar    3    'Karma in Cosmic Syntax'
            Dr. Eivind Kahrs (University of Cambridge)
            [Chair: Dr. Tuvia Gelblum]
      10    'Illness, Inauspiciousness and Modes of Healing in
            Dr. Helen Lambert (London School of Hygiene and
              Tropical Medicine)
            [Chair: Prof. D.J. Arnold]
      17    'From the One to the Many: Movement in Indian Temple
            Dr. Adam Hardy (Birmingham School of Architecture)
            [Chair: Dr. Giles Tillotson]
Term 3
Apr   28    'The Early History of Saivism'
            Alexis Sanderson (University of Oxford)
            [Chair: Robert Mayer]
May    5    'Kings, Yogins and Alchemists in Medieval India'
            Dr David White (University of Virginia)
            [Chair: Dr Dominik Wujastyk]
      12    'Arthur Avalon: The Creation of a Legendary
            Kathleen Taylor (SOAS)
            [Chair: Dr. Avril Powell]
      19    'Ananda K. Coomaraswamy and the Origins of Indian
              Temple Architecture'
            Dr. James C. Harle (formerly of the Ashmolean Museum)
            [Chair: Dr. Giles Tillotson]
Enquiries:  Joan Ridgwell
            Centre of Religion & Philosophy
            SOAS.  Tel. 071 323 6137

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