Absence from station

aklujkar at CA.UBC.UNIXG aklujkar at CA.UBC.UNIXG
Sun Dec 20 23:39:26 UTC 1992

Kindly note that I shall be away on a lecture and research tour from 20
December 1992 to approximately l7 April 1993.  I shall be travelling mostly
in south and western India.  If any of you must get in touch with me (you
are at least not encouraged to do so), please write to the following
address: c/o Prof. Sarojini Vaidya, Africa House, Adenwala Road, Near
King s Circle, Matunga, Bombay 400 019.  There is a possibility that on my
way back I shall stop in London for a few days.  Thank you. -- Ashok
Aklujkar, University of B.C., Vancouver.

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